You want to walk around looking for interesting-looking things and maybe hanging out with like-minded people but don’t know how?  Try GillhamGo! No need to register with the Play store or iTunes, no in-app purchases and no need for augmented reality.


Aim: Go outside and use your eyes to see the diversity of life

Here are the rules:
1. Put down your smartphone/tablet/ereader
2. Go outside
3. Use your eyes, ears and nose to guide you through the “Outdoor Realm of Earthland”
4. Take a closer look, listen or smell of what you find
5. Use your common sense – don’t walk blindly into roads, don’t lick dog poo, don’t kill things

The characters: Here are some starters… there are, like, loads more to find on top of these.

Image (c) Chris Lawrence
Download the GillhamGo starter set (Cardinal Beetle, Chris Lawrence)


Level up?
You saw something, it was good, right? If you want to go to the next level… tell your local environmental record centre about what you found. The greater the understanding of what wildlife is out there, the more able we are of protecting and conserving it. #GottaRecordThemAll


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