Sir David Attenborough at Coed y Bedw

On this day, 31 years ago Sir David Attenborough came to town. He was planting a beech tree in one of the Wildlife Trust’s newly acquired nature reserves at Coed y Bedw, just North of Cardiff.


Mary records this momentous occasion in her archive, describing (unsurprisingly) the weather conditions as well as the attendees.


Coed y Bedw was very much in Mary’s back yard and she visited with great regularity throughout her life. In a 2010 film Mary was asked about the beech tree although she wasn’t sure where it was:

Thankfully, long-time Coed y Bedw volunteer warden Cliff Woodhead remembers where it is and when we asked him about it during out fungi walk last weekend he described precisely where it was! In fact, on his way home from our Draethen walk he popped into Coed y Bedw and snapped a quick shot of the beech in all its glory!


A little battered and bruised, Sir Attenborough’s tree is still standing tall… and Coed y Bedw remains a beautiful woodland, well worth a visit!

Cliff also took the time to rummage through his slide archive and pull out some of his images of the day that Sir David came.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also watch the full Coed y Bedw, which features Cliff and Mary (and the infamous tree) below.


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