Explore Your Archive: Wonder Women!

Saturday 19th November marked the beginning of Explore Your Archive week, which kicked off with the ‘Wonder Women’ event at National Museum Cardiff. This all-day event celebrated the work and lives of women that feature within archives, from scientists and archaeologists to the ‘Welsh mam’.

At the event we had a Mary Gillham table where snippets of her work were displayed; including her diaries, slides, field work and some of her books, and volunteers educated people about Mary’s life and career in conservation.

An impressive stuffed penguin from the museum’s collections obtained by Ernest Shackleton on a 1900’s trip to Macquarie Islands was on display, and a TV screen at our table was playing an old video of Glamorgan from the 1960’s called ‘County Awakening’; both of which sparked a lot of interest and turned out to be a big hit with visitors!

Alongside the information stalls there was a very busy kid’s colouring table and a board where people could share who their own ‘wonder woman’ was, meaning there was something for everyone at the event.

Overall the day was a huge success and visitors of all ages were engaged with the amazing work of Mary and the other Wonder Women at the event.

A big thanks to all of the lovely volunteers (Annie, Pat, Sarah, Laura P, Laura M) that were able to be there on Saturday to make the day as great as it was!


4 thoughts on “Explore Your Archive: Wonder Women!

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