Colleagues and contemporaries…

Explore Your Archive is a joint campaign delivered by The National Archives and the Archives and Records Association across the UK and Ireland. It aims to showcase the unique potential of archives to excite people, bring communities together, and tell amazing stories. We’re blogging all week to show off Mary Gillham’s archive…

Dr Mary Gillham was obviously quite an exceptional person. The willingness and drive to travel at a time uncommon for many women; a database-like mind that could come up with the location of a piece of paper hidden away in a particular folder; the foresightedness to write down everything she saw in the knowledge that it would be useful at some point in the future. She was, by all accounts, a very good botanist and teacher educating hundreds (thousands?) of people throughout a lecturing, teaching and authoring career spanning well over half a century.

However, she didn’t do it all alone. There are many, many names written in her archive of people who she worked with or shared knowledge with. As a member (and occasional president) of the Cardiff Naturalists’ Society and Glamorgan Naturalists’ Trust she was surrounded by many enthusiastic biologists who contributed to her knowledge; she relied on staff in the botany department from the National Museum to assist with particularly difficult plant identifications and went on numerous joint field excursions with colleagues from Cardiff University. Then, of course, there was the network of community members – birders, botanists, historians, geologists and more – who provided knowledge, experience and help to enable Mary to achieve all that she did.

Those people are acknowledged in this blog.

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There are loads more people mentioned in Mary’s archive who we don’t have pictures of; listed below are some of the names which reappear in the archive. Sincere apologies to those we’ve missed – it’s still a work in progress and this list continues to grow…

Adrian Amsden Chris Powell (Cardiff Council)
Alex Coxhead Nicola Hutchinson (Cardiff Council)
Allan Pickens Alan Orange (Cardiff Museum)
Ceri Williams George Hutchinson (Cardiff Museum)
Clive and Lyn Thomas Gwynn Ellis (Cardiff Museum)
Colin Titcombe John Deeming (Cardiff Museum)
David Lewis June Chatfield (Cardiff Museum)
David White Roy Perry (Cardiff Museum)
Dick Blaire Alan Wilkins (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Doug Thomas Andy and Rhian Kendall (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Dr K Jones Brian Bond (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Dr. John Howden Colonel H Morrey Salmon (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Gilbert Davies Cynthia Merritt (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Gladys Barrett Hilary Perry (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Gladys James Jeff Curtis (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Gwynn Thomas Jenny Tann (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Gwynneth Lougher Joan Andrews (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Ian Smith Joan Raum (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Ivor Penberthy Linda Morris and Phil Blanning (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Jack Evans Mary Leishman (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Jan Turton Mary Salter (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
Joan Andrews Rob and Linda Nottage (Cardiff Naturalists’ Society)
John Chater Chris Mettam (Cardiff University)
John Zehetmayer David Erasmus (Cardiff University)
Linda Morgan John Perkins (Cardiff University)
Mairead Sutherland Madeleine Havard (Cardiff University)
Margaret Barrow Mike Claridge (Cardiff University)
Mary and Bill Cleaver Peter Ferns (Cardiff University)
Mary Bruce Ursula Henriques (Cardiff University)
Nanće James Doug Fraser (Extramural)
Nigel Ajax Lewis Richard Marks (Extramural)
Norma Proctor Martin Doe (Howardian)
Ozzi Gates Martin McVay (Howardian)
Paul Marshman Derek Packer (Merthyr Naturalists’ Society)
Professor Harry Lloyd Gil Barter (Natural Resources Wales)
Raymond Lyle Peter Jones (Natural Resources Wales)
Robert Hubbard Mel Watkins (Nature Conservancy Council)
Rosemary and David Hufton Cliff Woodhead (WTSWW)
Syd Johnson Diana Phillips (WTSWW)
Ted Parry William Loughour
Trevor Evans Wynn Thomas
Will Evans Yvonne Cairns

We hope you have enjoyed Exploring our Archive this week. We’ll be exploring Mary’s archive for a little while longer yet, so please get in touch with your thoughts, opinions, memories or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

The Mary Gillham Archive Project is funded by HLF and managed by SEWBReC
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