The fauna and flora of Macquarie Island in December 1959

At the tail end of December in 1959 Mary Gillham and 3 other female scientists became the first British and Australian females to join a research trip in the Antarctic. The likelihood of females joining future research trips would depend on the success of these ground-breaking women. We’re retelling Mary’s tale and talking more about Macquarie Island where this was all to take place…

The lists of flora and fauna that appear below are taken from Mary Gillham’s book describing her time on Macquarie Island in December of 1959.

The first image shows the cover of the above bookwhich was published in 1967 (i.e. some seven years or so after Mary’s Macquarie “expedition” ended).

Note – the pages of lists are interspersed with images (drawings and photographs) created by Mary during her time on the island.




Mary’s book was reviewed – favourably – by the Antarctic News Bulletin in 1968. Take a look for yourself! The review is on page 59…

Read on tomorrow!

Reference material and further reading:

Thanks to John Wilkins (MGAP volunteer) for coordinating this series of Macquarie blogs.

The Mary Gillham Archive Project is funded by HLF and managed by SEWBReC
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