Interested in helping out? Email alan.reeve@sewbrec.org.uk, check out facebook.com/MaryGillhamArchive, follow @GillhamArchives or download these documents about volunteering!

Volunteer in our offices   Volunteer at home

Volunteers will play an essential part in achieving the goals of this project. With something like:

  • 150000 wildlife records to mine out of 20 boxes of assorted papers,
  • 14000 slides to digitise (and recover records from),
  • 2 unpublished manuscripts to make available digitally,
  • an oral record of Mary’s life to create,
  • a website, social media presence and blog to create,
  • plus biodiversity events, school/community group visits and led walks to organise and run…

There is no shortage of tasks!

There will be opportunities for volunteers to complete training in various skills such as digitisation, recording software, oral history recording and archive packaging and labelling. Volunteers will also be supported through any other tasks to which they contribute.